Question of the week #6

Help me, it’s like the walls are caving in

Sometimes I feel like giving up

No medicine is strong enough

Someone help me

I’m crawling in my skin

Sometimes I feel like giving up

But I just can’t

It isn’t in my blood

It isn’t in my blood

– Shawn Mendes

Hehe… today we’re going to talk about blood😅.. you can check previous part’s question below . Let’s talk!

Almost everyone had given the correct answer✌✌. Just want to add a little bit information!Yes , due to hemoglobin the colour of our blood is red!

Now what is hemoglobin??


Hemoglobin is a protein which remains inside our blood cells . ( RBCs contain hemoglobin)

Each of hemoglobin is made up of hemes which have metal iron in it .

When the iron is oxygenated it becomes red & when deoxygenated it becomes darker red.

That’s why human blood is red !

Note :

Guess what! We have some blue blooded buddies with us ! 😉 Just kidding … Because of the protein hemocyanin Octopuses and horseshoe crabs have blue blood !

Today’s question is –

Q: Why we sleep good in dark ?

Okay guys that’s it for today’s episode!

Bye! Have a beautiful day! See you soon! And don’t forget to comment and share !

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  1. Oh That is very interesting.
    I see you upfated the site theme…
    Hmmmm………….Do we sleep better in the dark because we can’t see and usually it is quite so there is nothing to wake us up? And because our bodies respond to the dark by shutting down and resting? I know when I close my eyes or am in a dark room It make my body start to shutdown.

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  2. “Stay the course of life with courage, being persistent with determination govern my confidence
    and ruled by character, and integrity
    and you will not only survive
    but you will conquered on every level of
    Life manifesting out of Nature!”
    _-Van Prince

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  3. I think, light gives certain signals to mind which makes it active, and I know mind is more active in sleep, do you have anything on that, why it’s more active while sleeping than awake. And what’s up with those opening lines, I guess everyone’s having a hard time, take care,

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    1. You got it almost right! I’ll explain in my next post of this series.
      Hehe😅, actually the song pop in my head when I was writing on blood that’s why I shared 😅😅

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  4. It’s a proverb. “When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.” Proverbs 3:24 When one works their butt off all day, they’re to tired to worry and aren’t afraid; and if one is not tired from working yet is in need of sleep and has no worries or fear, their sleep is sweet. If one has no fear, they can close their eyes in peace and when one closes their eyes it is dark and peaceful. There is a saying, “silence is golden.” Silence is also peaceful and there is no fear in peace. LOLGB+

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