Interesting Facts: Part 2

Hello everyone! Hope you are all good and doing great in your life! For the newbies, this is the 2nd part of this series named “Interesting Facts”. You can check the 1st part from here. Now let’s get started!

FACT: It is not healthy to eat protein or iron-rich foods while drinking tea.

Well Yes, we know that tea can relieve our stress as well as our anxiety. But on the other hand, tea leaves are acidic and can affect the digestion process.

Now if we intake too much protein or iron-rich foods like nuts, grains, cereals, etc then the acid from the tea will harden the protein content and a complex chemical compound will be created through their contacts. As tannic acid or tannins and oxalates are present in the tea leaves. These compounds can bind iron with them which prevents their absorption in the blood. So these will make it harder to digest.

Now you’ll ask what should we do then? Whenever we will drink tea then we can’t eat protein or iron-rich foods!

Nope. I’m saying that we shouldn’t combine these types of foods while drinking tea. After or before eating meals we can avoid tea for at least one hour. The most suitable time to drink tea is bedtime (though evening time is not bed). But the important thing is that we shouldn’t mix the foods while drinking tea.

I’m also a tea lover

So, that’s it for today. I hope you are finding this series helpful as well as enjoying it. Feel free to give your valuable opinions and also share your experience! It will be a pleasure to know.

See you soon everyone! Have a tea time! Goodbye, all lovely people!

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    1. I’m really glad dear that you find it helpful! I also used to eat nuts with tea .. and didn’t feel well 😅… so here we goes .. By the way Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  1. I wish I knew this 5 minute ago! I have just finished a high protein snack with a cup of tea 😅 well, now I know. Thank you

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