What is Pegasus ? Are you safe ?

Hi guys! What’s up. I hope you are all good & doing good in your life . Today’s topic is very interesting, controversial & informative ! So, let’s discuss Pegasus !!

Time to clip the wings of NSO and its Pegasus

These are the following points we’re going to discuss-

  • What is Pegasus?
  • What exactly this spyware do ?
  • How does Pegasus hack a phone ?
  • News

What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is a highly sophisticated hacking software available to intrude phones now-a-days. You can say it is a spyware🔎🔍 .

It was developed by Israel’s cyberarms farm NSO group .

What exactly Pegasus spyware do?

1. It listens to phone calls ( basically tracks )📱 .

2. It is capable to read user mails & text messages📧 .

3. It capture screenshots & track the location .

4. It exfiltrate browser history & contacts.

5. It can access the target device’s microphone and gather information from apps .

How does Pegasus hack a phone?

Just a single missed call📞 ! Yes ! And the software is installed in target’s phone .

There is another process! Making the target click on a malicious url sent to their phone hacking could happen.

Also through voice calls it can be done !

It is believed to have been installed by spear-phishing techniques, even more advanced ‘zero-click’ attacks don’t need owner’s interaction !!


According to the report on July 18,2021, a leak of 50,000 smartphone numbers has been linked to Pegasus spyware .


*** Don’t panic friends ! I have no intention to scare you with this post . We just have to causous and have knowledge about Pegasus. That’s all🙂.

This is the least information I could provide . If anyone would like to add more information about this topic then please share with us !!

I hope this post is helpful. Do like , share & comment! Thank you for your time ! See ya soon. Have a nice Sunday!

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