Interesting Facts: Part 2

Hello everyone! Hope you are all good and doing great in your life! For the newbies, this is the 2nd part of this series named “Interesting Facts”. You can check the 1st part from here. Now let’s get started! FACT: It is not healthy to eat protein or iron-rich foods while drinking tea. Well Yes,Continue reading “Interesting Facts: Part 2”

So before you go was there some things I could’ve said to make your heart beat better ! ( Reblog post)

Today is 10th April. It’s been 1 year you’re not here.. I just hope wherever you are.. stay happy and if you return to this world I want you to live a peaceful and painless life. No one can take your place.. And I promise your tutun will fulfil your dreams! Miss you Dida🌹🌹❤❤. reading “So before you go was there some things I could’ve said to make your heart beat better ! ( Reblog post)”

Interesting Facts : Part 1

Hello everyone! I hope you’re well! Yap, as you can see this is the newseries!! I know you’re excited(me too😅)!This series will be like ‘Question of the week 2.0’ you can say😀. Okay, let’s getstarted! FACT: WE ARE NOT ABLE TO GAZE AT THE SUN WITH NAKED EYES. We all know that we can’t seeContinue reading “Interesting Facts : Part 1”

A little announcement:

Hey friends! Hope you’re all well! I know I’m not in full fledged. Currently I’m doing an internship and exams are coming. It’s becoming hard for me to keep up with all of these stuffs. So for some time I’ve decided to publish blog posts monthly. I know you are all kind and will supportContinue reading “A little announcement:”

Question of the week#9

Hey friends!Welcome to Science Stereo! In this terrific situation, I hope you’re all safe and sound. I’m glad to finally be back here with this series! For the newbies a warm welcome to all! This is an ongoing series named”Question of the week”.This is part 9 of this series. You can check the previous partsContinue reading “Question of the week#9”


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