Hello friends! Welcome to my website!

Hey guys ! A very very warm welcome to all of you . This is a science realted website. Here we will have fun with many interactive quizzes,biographies,polls & many more.

I am a B.Sc. physics honours student and currently persuing M.Sc. in Physics. I want to explore new things, learn new things . By gaining these knowledge I will share some interesting science facts ,tech facts & will do many more through my blog posts & youtube videos. I am trying to make myself better than yesterday .Your love & support that’s all I need to inspire myself to create new posts …

Thank you for stopping by !😊 Follow science stereo for more!

My youtube channel name Science Stereo . You can check here to see some interactive videos ..

Here is the channel link: Science Stereo

Interesting Facts: Part 2

Hello everyone! Hope you are all good and doing great in your life! For the newbies, this is the 2nd part of this series named “Interesting Facts”. You can check the 1st part from here. Now let’s get started! FACT: It is not healthy to eat protein or iron-rich foods while drinking tea. Well Yes,Continue reading “Interesting Facts: Part 2”


  1. Hi, My name is Rob MacNaughton and I hale from Western Canada in the city and province of Edmonton, Alberta. I’m a newbie of the amazing community of WordPress.
    I don’t really know how to do what I want but intend to find myself here through past knowledge and experiences.

    This is the first time visiting your site.
    I think that I’m going to enjoy your content. The tree in your backyard is so beautiful and exotic. These images your tree and the palm trees in the distance take me away from a cold, wet day to a beautiful luxurious lands.

    Ciao for now. 🖐🇨🇦

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    1. Thank you Saparza, I’m in awe of the talented writers who have seen their numbers rise to well over a thousand followers. As I start my journey I’ve found some inspiration even if I really have no real structure to turn my ideas into words. Time will help me to adjust.😉🖐

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  2. Hello Saparza and Robmac 99, wish you both success, lots of fun and enjoyment ahead. Been with WordPress for four years and have nothing but praise for the organization, it has helped me in so many ways.

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