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Latest from the Blog

Question of the week #8

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! WELCOME TO SCIENCE STEREO! I am so glad that I’m back with this series. Yay! Okay, Let’s get started. For the new ones, this is part 8 of the “Question of the week ” series. You can check the previous parts’ links below. Once again welcome back guys. Let’s discuss onContinue reading “Question of the week #8”

Durga Puja Vaccation 2021

Hello everyone! How have you been? In this post, I’m sharing some significance and my experience of Puja Vacation 2021. After a total of 5 days of Vacation, I feel nice! Due to this covid pandemic after a long long time meet my classmates & friends and spent time together. Still can’t meet some reallyContinue reading “Durga Puja Vaccation 2021”

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