A little announcement:

Hey friends! Hope you’re all well! I know I’m not in full fledged.

Currently I’m doing an internship and exams are coming. It’s becoming hard for me to keep up with all of these stuffs.

So for some time I’ve decided to publish blog posts monthly. I know you are all kind and will support me as you always do😊.

And I made a new logo! Did you like it? Let me know in comments🤗.

Stay safe and sound! Thank you! See you soon everyone!



  1. My exams are approaching too! starting in 2 days more. And same is with me as well, not able to post every week. But yeah, we will support you, Saparza! By the way, where’s the new logo? I can’t see it.

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    1. Thank you so much Mona! Sorry for this late reply! You are very kind! I hope you’ve given your exams well🤗! Oh , my logo is on my website profile, you can see it😅😀 there ! And let me know how is it ! And Thank you again!

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    2. Thanks for calling me Mona, Saparza. You are awesome and so is your logo. All my friends call me Mona, though my nickname is something else at home. And yeah, my exams went very well and they got over today. For me it is happy CID now. CID means children’s independence day incase you don’t know.

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