Question of the week#9

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For the newbies a warm welcome to all! This is an ongoing series named”Question of the week”.This is part 9 of this series. You can check the previous parts of the series. Links are provided below.

Let’s start! It was a very easy question! Many of you have answered. I’m just going to elaborate on this more.

In simple words, the sky is blue due to the internal reflection of light. Let’s dig into this topic!

From Raleigh Scattering we can say i.e.  

Intensity(I) is inversely proportional to the 4th power of wavelength of light( Ξ»- ‘lambda’). So clearly we can see from this formula less wavelength more scattering! The scattering will be stronger in the smaller wavelength side of the spectrum.

Thus the white light coming from the Sun will suffer more scattering by the air molecules in the blue end( i.e. the smaller wavelength side) of the spectrum than the long-wavelength red end.

This makes the sky appear blue.

Q: Why we become pale(white) when we fear?!

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