Theory of relativity & parallel world concept explained by Sri Krishna:Happy Jamastami to all

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First of all HAPPY JANMASTAMI to everyone. Today's post is going to be astonishing ,so stay tuned everyone . Hope you'll enjoy it .Let's get started.

Lord Krishna explained the theory of relativity:

Even GOD’s leela has hidden Physics’ concept behind it. Encounter between Brahma & Lord Krishna mentioned in hindu ancient texts is a perfect example of it.

It was the time when Lord Krishna was on earth living in land of Braj. He used to play everyday with his friends while taking his cows & calves out for gazing.

One day, Lord Brahma,the creator of the universe, heard about Krishna & that Krishna is none other than God himself.He also got to know That Krishna has recently killed a demon in the form of a huge python named Aghasur.

Brahma knew the power of Aghasur & hence thought that it’s impossible for any human to kill Aghasur,he’s too powerful for even demigods.

According to Brahma ,this cowherd boy Krishna has deceived the innocent people of Braj & is making them fool.

So , he decided to test Krishna and wanted to teach him a lesson. We can see how Brahma became ignorant in his power & superiority that he decided to test Lord Krishna ,the God of Gods.

Finally , Brahma came to Earth. He witnessed that Krishna was eating & playing with cowherd boys. Krishna was eating from their hands & was feeding them with his hands. Now Brahma was shocked….

Brahma’s notion got strengthened that God almighty can’t do such immature activities. God who’s formless , who’s beyond understanding can not play in mud like this. God can’t play with these dirty village boys who are from poor families,who are dirty & are not suitable to feed God from their hands.

Brahma, hence in order to teach a lesson, stole all the calves when they went far while gazing.

What Krishna Did When Brahma Abducted His Friends -

When Krishna & friends realized that calves have gone too far, Krishna assured that he’ll bring them back soon & went away, Brahma stole the cowherd boys as well after sedating them with his power & he took both calves & cowherd boys with him to Brahma lok.

Krishna when couldn’t find calves and returned, witnessed that his friends were missing as well . He didn’t even take time to realize what has happened & who’s done this act because he knows everything happened or not happened.

He simply produced all the cowherd boys along with calves from from his body. They emanated from his body duplicating the real cowherd boys & calves.

Brahma’s one day is equal to 4.23 billion years of humans. Brahma is God , we know it , hence he has the capability to travel many times the speed of light.

Despite of the fact that Brahma went to his lok & kept the stolen boys & calves & came back with a speed much more than the speed of light within a fraction of his second , a year was passed here on earth.

Meanwhile on earth, mothers of all boys as well as mother cows of calves were happy playing with their boys & calves with utmost affection & love.

Little Krishna with Friends - 36in X 30in,RAJEAR15_3630,Acrylic ...

Now when Brahma came back he was utmost shocked.. He observed that like any other day, Krishna was having his lunch in the forest with his friends he had just now stolen. Calves were also gazing nearby.

Is there another YOU? 

Brahma couldn’t believe his eyes & got extremely buffled . He used his devine vision & observed that stolen boys & calves were still in his lok – sleeping.

Completely perplexed , he mediated on God & prayed to him to give him vision & knowledge to know the truth. And Lord is none other than Krishna hence he showed him the truth.

Brahma saw that all the cowherd boys & calves were actually Lord Vishnu with four hands & extreme lustrous & glittering persona.

He plunged in the lotus feet of Lord feet of Lord Krishna. He has realized his blunder mistake. He apoliogized. Within a moment, there were thousands of Brahmas around Krishna.

To see his amazement, Krishna explained him that he is Brahma or creator of just one universe; there are infinite universes or muitiverses in reality(Parallel universe)

Krishna told Brahma that since he was under the impression that he’s the only creator , he had summoned other Brahmas so that he could see & realize the truth & reality.

Some Brahmas had 10 heads ,some had 100 & even 1000 heads. Within a moment all Brahmas returned back to their respective universes as Krishna asked them to do so.

Brahma of this universe apologized & of course Krishna forgave him. All the real boys & calves were returned by Brahma & those emanated from Lord got dissolved in him.

Brahma offered his obeisance in the lotus feet of Lord & praised his glory & extolled his virtues & all powerful yet most merciful personality & returned back to his Brahma lok or residence .

When Lord Krishna Explained Parallel Universe To Lord Brahma ...

All friends reunited with Krishna & they all started playing again . Everything in Vrindavan was same again.

Thank you everyone . May Krishna bless you all.

See you soon guys & follow sciencestereo for more updates.


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