Question of the week #8

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! WELCOME TO SCIENCE STEREO! I am so glad that I’m back with this series. Yay! Okay, Let’s get started.

For the new ones, this is part 8 of the “Question of the week ” series. You can check the previous parts’ links below. Once again welcome back guys.

Let’s discuss on previous part’s question.

You are probably thinking that the density of a needle(made of iron) is much less water and for a ship(iron made) its density is greater than water. Then how is it possible that a needle sinks in water but a ship floats?! Let’s see!

There is a twist & plot in the answer. We are calling the twist as specific gravity or relative density and the plot is surface tension. Let’s see what are these briefly?!

Specific Gravity:

We all know that density is defined as mass per unit volume. Specific gravity or relative density is defined as the ratio of the density of the substance being measured density of the reference.

Surface Tension:

Surface tension is like the energy needed to increase the surface area of the liquid. It arises due to interactions between the molecules in the liquid. For water, it acts to minimize its surface area.

In this case relative density of the needle is greater than of the water displaced by it. That means it displaces more water than its weight. And it sinks.

For the case of a ship, it is the opposite. The relative density of the ship is lesser than the water displaced by it. And implies that the weight of water displaced by the ship is more than the weight of the ship. And it floats.

Now today’s question is –

Q: Why Sky is blue ?

See you soon! Bye, everyone! What do you guys think? Share your thoughts in the comment section!! I’ll be glad to hear out! Follow for more updates!

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  1. So, like, if needles were hollow and ships were solid then would it be the other way around?
    And, yeah – the sky’s not blue. This is England. We don’t do blue skies in November. 😄

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    1. Thank you so much for reading😃😃.I hope you’ve enjoyed😀!Don’t worry. I’ll update the answer in the next part! Till then stay tuned🤗.

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