Science Quiz Contest 2k21 Results🌹🌹:

Hello guys! I hope you are all fine!I am glad that my first ever hosting is successful with all of yours blessings.I am really thrilled & excited to announce 2k21 contest results.

I have already sent the certificates to all the participants via email. We have 3 winners,1st Runner Up & 2nd Runner Up !!

The winners are –

Sep@Boolishly Yours


1st Runner Up –

And 2nd Runner Up – Shivam

A big round of applause to all and lots of congratulations! I hope you all have fun.Wish you a bright future!

Once again a big Thank you to all participants!! I get encouragement from your support and love! If you want I can host quiz contest once or twice a year & promise it will be of another level. And perhaps specifically math quiz contest can be hosted next time!

What do you guys think?! Let me know via comment section. I will be happy to know.

I know that I am not posting that much. But you will be happy to know that “Question of the week”series is coming soon with full fledged. And another surprise series too! Happy blogging!

See you soon guys! Stay tuned for more!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words😊! Ya I know that questions were on ground level😃! Next time it will be moderate I promise🤗🤗! I am glad that you enjoy it!

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