Durga Puja Vaccation 2021

Hello everyone! How have you been? In this post, I’m sharing some significance and my experience of Puja Vacation 2021.

After a total of 5 days of Vacation, I feel nice! Due to this covid pandemic after a long long time meet my classmates & friends and spent time together. Still can’t meet some really good friends but overall fine!

I still can’t believe that I was able to meet them like the way before…

As you know( or may not know that’s fine) In Bengal we celebrate Durga Puja during this time (Autumn) on behalf of Ma Durga’s(Goddess Durga) victory upon Mahisasur( Demon). In other parts of India, there are celebrations like Navratri( 9 Swarup of Goddess Durga), Garba & Dussera.

But there is much great significance behind this Puja. One of them is –

In India, we face seasonal changes right?! through this Puja our adaptation power increase for the changes (seasonal) from Summer to Winter. You can see this youtube video here. They have explained the significance well. You will get to know the real meaning of feminism! So go & watch it and enrich your knowledge.

And a friendly reminder that 20th October is the last date for enrolment of Science Quiz Contest 2k21 and the submission deadline is up to 24th October! So those who still want to participate hurry send me your name with an email address through this email: sciencestereo21@gmail.com. You can check the below posts for more details.

Subho Bijoya Dosomi ( Happy greetings of Durga Puja to all of you🤗🤗!! These flowers below are called seuli ful(flowers) and I hope you like my drawing! See you soon! Bye!

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