Science Quiz Contest 2021: Hurry guys ! Enroll now !

Hey guys I’m back after 1 month with an exciting announcement 😃! Once again welcome back guys ! As I have promised I am hosting SCIENCE QUIZ CONTEST finally in this October for the first time! If your response is good ( If you like it) then you can expect more often!!

Let’s dig into the whole thing! This post is about to announce this contest!

First of all, let’s see the rules( don’t worry it’s simple) ~

Rules :

  1. For enrolment submit your name ( with your site name if applicable) to this email address
  2. All entries must be submitted before 10/10/2021. Hurry!!
  3. Then in my “question of the week series “,I’ll provide you a google form. Also, I’ll send the form to the enlisted participants individually in case if you miss it. That’s why your name enrolment is important.
  4. Now what to do with this form? You’re probably wondering right ?! Let me tell you there simple but interesting questions will be given in the form of MCQs. You’ll have to choose the correct option. After that press the submit button and it’s done!
  5. You’ll get only one chance to submit! So fill up carefully. You have to submit the form before 16/10/2021. Results will be announced further soon.


First of all, I want you all to participate!!

Not only the winners will get certificates with honorable mentions but also all the participants🤗!

So what are you waiting for enroll yourself now and have sci-fun everyone!

Share this post as much as you can so that they can also participate & have fun together😀😀!

Stay connected for more exciting posts and updates!!

Success! You're on the list.

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