I got vaccinated !

Hey guys! What’s up? I hope you are all fine !

Actually I got my first dose of vaccine yesterday. And I am not feeling well . My whole body is aching & have a little fever . So I am not in mood of writing blog post .

I’ll be glad to hear about your experience after getting vaccinated!

Besides my exam is coming soon… that’s also a reason .

I’m literally sorry I couldn’t write this week but don’t worry I’ll come up with more exciting posts …

And also I’m providing you some time to give your opinion about science quiz contest πŸ€—. Some of you have replied! I’m waiting for other’s opinions ✌. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then check the post below …

Okay.. then , Bye friends! See you soon! Have a nice Sunday ! Thank you!

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    1. You’re correct on all counts! I haven’t been fooled by any of the Massive Campaign of Deception from the get goes! This virus was a simple corona cold like virus in the SARS2 class with a 99.98% survival rate so why in the world would a program be pushed on the public around the globe to get vaccine shots for it or wearing useless face masks which is a Luciferian and demoralization tool; does nothing to stop the spread of colds and delays herd immunity making matters much worse; which we have seen with collapsing economies and mental illness running rampant! It was just a tool to bring on these jabs and worse to come! Its all Satanic and the governments have been infiltrated with Satanists for decades along with complete atheist Commies! This is the start of the big battle between Good and Evil on earth, Armageddon.

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  1. Hope you feel better! I didn’t have a reaction to my first dose, only my second. It’s a good thing to know that you have protection against COVID, though!

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  2. It seems individuals react differently to these shots. I opted for the Johnson and side effects were extreme fatigue and a headache that lasted for less than 24 hours. I wish you the best and good luck for yr exams.

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  3. I’m double vaccinated with Moderna. The first shot I had some redness and warmth and soreness at the injection site. Second shot: the next morning I felt like I missed a night’s sleep. Tired all day. But the day after, just the warmth and soreness at the injection site for a few days . Well worth the inconvenience to be vaccinated πŸ™‚

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