Increase your brain power with games part 3

Hey friends ! I hope you haven’t forgot these series 😊! To all the new  comers (just a quick intro about this series ) this is part 3 of this series!This series is based on brain games & it’s benefits Two parts already done.. you can check here part 1 and part 2 .

In this part we’ll know about .. guess what ?!

History of Puzzles :

Let’s go back to 1760’s when European mapmakers pasted maps onto wood and cut them into small pieces. John Spilsbury,an engraver and mapmaker first invented jigsaw puzzle in 1767 . He mounted one of his master maps onto wood and then cut around countries . He gave it to local school children for helping them with their geography education. And in that way jigsaw puzzles were invented. Though at that time it were called dissected puzzles & these were created from woods .

Types of Puzzles:

There are so many different types of puzzles like math puzzles, jigsaw puzzles,riddles,reasoning,rubic cube etc. In this part we’ll focus on jigsaw puzzles. Don’t worry the benefits of all types of puzzles are mostly alike . (But If you want sub-parts on riddles,rubic cube etc. then let me know in the comment section!)

Now you’ll ask why ? WHY we’ll play jigsaw puzzle right ??? Let’s see it’s benefits!

Surprising benefits of puzzles for all ages :

A puzzle teaches us about the concept of a ‘whole’ & that each piece is a fraction of a bigger picture!!


  • Mentally active and fit
  • Inspire education
  • Meditation
  • Improving IQ
  • Increase in productivity
  • Improves cognitive ability
  • Concentration

Let’s get into deep!!

1.Mentally active and fit :

Solving puzzles is good for brain and mental exercise. As a mental workout it improves our problem solving skills and attention span . No wonder Bill Gates admits to being an avid puzzler .

2. Inspire education:

It helps develop basic skills i.e. shape recognition , goal setting , patience and a sense of achievement . These qualities help to stand children in good stead for school .

3. Meditation:

Solving jigsaw puzzle is similar like meditation like mindfulness training! How ? Focusing on one image for a long period of time without diverting your mind onto other outrageous thoughts entering your mind , is in itself meditation.

If you want to know more about meditation & it’s benefits, you can check these posts here : part 1 & part 2

4. Improving IQ :

Let me ask one question! Do you remember what you had taken for lunch yesterday ? If No then doing a puzzle will surely improve your short term memory. It not only reinforces the connection between brain cells but improves mental speed. Also it improves problem solving ability .

5. Increase in productivity:

It is good for your mind,body and spirit. Jigsaw puzzles are great for some needed alone time . When you want a quiet , solo break from the bustle of today’s digital lifestyle solving puzzles is perfect for you .

6.Improves cognitive ability:

Studies have connected jigsaw puzzles to improve the cognitive ability in the elderly. It decrease feelings of anxiety & increase mental well-being. It also helps in improving better collaboration & team-work.

7. Concentration:

Act of pulling pieces of puzzle together require concentration. It improves our visual spatial reasoning. It is a focused task . It exercises left and right sides of our brain at once.

Note :

Not only for this game, if you get obsessed then no matter you’re playing brain games for sake of your own good it will be of no use.

You can download this app from google playstore (link) : Smart Puzzles

This application is so good . I’m using it. There are several types of puzzles in one application.

I hope you’ve find this post helpful & enjoyful. See you soon with next exciting post ! Keep showing your love & support! Follow for more updates! Your comments are welcome !

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