Question of the week #3

Hello friends! Welcome back ! How are you all ? I hope you are all safe & sound. I know our current situation is becoming worse day by day ! So many people are dying in front of our eyes..But we can’t lose hope right🙂 ..

Once again ! Welcome to Science Stereo!

Now let’s get started ! If you are my new readers then first of all a warm welcome to Science Stereo & let me tell you that a new series has started recently i.e. weekly one or more questions( quiz type) will be uploaded & answers will be provided on its next part! This is part 3 of this series. Let’s begin …

First of all let’s talk about previous part’s answer . You can check here part 2 . Most you have given the right answers . Cheers to all of you !

So the answer is –

lightning & thunder both happens at an instant but the speed of light(3×10^8 m/s) is more than the speed of sound (330m/s) . So , we see lightning before thunder . For your kind information if any person hears the sound of thunder , he then have no worries ! Why 🤔???

Beacause he is spot dead then !! Be safe! You know pikachu’s thunder shock !


Safe place for lightning:

The house (build of structure of iron), the house ( having lightning conductor) etc.

Dangerous place for lightning:

Various types of big trees , telegraph and telephone posts , Wall made of clay etc .

You can also check part 1 of this series here .

Today’s question is:

Q: Why Oil and water can not be mixed ? 🤔

See you soon everyone! Stay connected for more ! Do comment & share ☺! Have a nice day !

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  1. Umm I am guessing because they are opisites and repell each other? One is light one is heavyer? I know I am tottaly wrong on both thoughts. LOL I can’t wait to read the answer.

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  2. Oil have a density less than water and it floats on water. That is the reason why they cannot be mixed. No matter how much we try, they will not mix…

    By the way, I am loving this series.
    Keep going!!!

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