Question of the week #1

Hello friends! Welcome to Science Stereo!

I have think about doing something new .. So from now every week I’ll upload 1 or more questions( Quiz type) & answers will be uploaded on its next part!

What do you think of this new initiative🤔 ? Let me know ..Your feedbacks are welcome🤗!

Now let’s start with a basic question …

Q:We all know that lemon & tamarind do taste like sour . The question is why it is so ☺??

Drop your answers in the comment section! Have a nice day!

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Thank you!

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    1. Yup, you are right I need to revise my basic or home science, so what is the answer and I didn’t know you have completed bsc with physics honours, wow

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    2. Thank you. Don’t worry, it happens.. In brief the answer is due to presence of citric & tartaric acid lemon & tamarind do taste like sour respectively. I’ll more information about this on it’s next part..

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  1. Hmmm… Maybe some kind of flavonoid that interacts with the taste buds in an ionic fashion?? I once wrote a column on flavonoids, so that’s all I can think of regarding tastes and flavours. XD!!

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  2. As for 🍋 lemon it has citric acid in it, and acid are sour in taste…

    And for Tamarind it has tartaric acid which is responsible for it’s sourness.😊

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