Feel the Spring πŸ˜„

Hi everyone! Spring season is going in our India .. and Holi festival ( “Dol”)is coming soon!! And my birthday also had gone well( though I can’t invite my friends due to my exams ) .. But overall gone well .And also science stereo have just hit 200 followers yesterday! Yay! Double century !

Now forget about this .. So where were we ?Ya ,so I’ve thought about giving a little vibe of spring to all of you πŸ™‚ .Through this post I’m sharing some beutiful pictures of Palash Tree (from our garden ) .. Hope your mind will get freshed after seeing these pictures … So here we go


Another one…

click by saparza

In my whole locality or in area this is the only Palash Tree.All credit goes to my mother.

2021 pictures of Palash Tree

I’m not a professional photographer but I’ll like to know how do you think about my photography πŸ˜‚πŸ˜….. just joking πŸ™‚.. Hope you all enjoy it ! See you in next post !! Oh ! Happy Holi in advance! And tell me your march memories in the comment section, I’ll be glad to hear it out.


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