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Hey everyone ! Welcome to another blog post … .

Today is 14th march . Today Albert Einstein the legend , genious scientist of ever was born . His famous equation (world wide known) ENERGY = MILK * COFFEE ^2 Nah ! Just jokingπŸ˜†.. It’s ENERGY = MASS * C^2 (C= speed of light) . Some of you are thinking that I’m going to tell you about his biography or his deeds… πŸ‘‡

Nah I’m not !But if you want I’ll make another post on itπŸ˜‰. Now I’m going to share some interesting & funny incidents .. Enjoy !


Einstein lost his ticketπŸ™Š:

Einstein was once travelling from Princeton on a train when the conductor came & started punching the tickets of every passenger . When he came to Einstein , Einstein reached in his vest pocket but he couldn’t find his ticket , so he reached in his trouser pockets . It wasn’t there either . Now he started looking everywhere his briefcase , nearby seats . He still couldn’t find it .

Einstein as cartoonπŸ˜…

The conductor rushed back & said , ” Dr. Einstein ,don’t worry , I know who you are . No problem . You don’t need a ticket . I’m sure you bought one .” Einstein nodded appreciately. The conductor started doing his jobs! When he was about ready to move to the next car , he turned around & saw the great physicist down on his hands & kness looking under his seat for his ticket .

The conductor rushed back & said , ” Dr. Einstein ,don’t worry , I know who you are . No problem . You don’t need a ticket . I’m sure you bought one .” Einstein looked at him & said , “Young man , I too know , who I am . What I don’t know is where I’m going.”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

One thing I forgot to tell that the mysterious radioactive element einstenium has been measured for the first time . It is the 99th element on the periodic table ,named for him.

Another fun Incident :

When he was working in Princeton university , one day he was returning home & he forgot his home addressπŸ˜…. There was a nearby cab & the cab driver didn’t recognise him. So he asked the driver if he knows Einstein’s home . The driver said “Who does not know Einstein’s address ? Everyone in Princeton knows.Do you want to meet him ? ”

Einstein be like

Einstein replied “I am Einstein” , I forgot my home address , can you take me there ?” The driver reached him to his home & didn’t even collect his fare from him .

“All of science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday thinking.”


Exam Incident:

In the period when Einstein was active as a professor , one of his students once came to him & said , “The questions of this year’s exam are the same as last year!” Einstein said ,” True , but this year all the answers are differentπŸ™„ .”

So whatπŸ™„

Those funny incidents are the proof that he was so dedicated into his world of physics that’s why these incidents occur ! His contributions will never be forgotten. Don’t take this post in wrong way 😊..

Stay tuned for more & do like, share & comment ! Have a nice day!


  1. Super cool stories, I love Einstein. His face, his intelligence and his free spirit always reminds me of my grandpa. He loved me very much, so whenever I see something related to Einstein I feel my grandpa close to me:)

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